Consulting Services

BEHI offers engineering, project management, technical advisory, and environmental services, such as:

Port of Monaco

Port of Monaco

  • Pre-Feasibility, Feasibility and Bankable Feasibility Studies;
  • Project Management and Technical Advisory
  • Ports, Harbours and Coastal Development;
  • Port Infrastructures and Facilities;
  • Mining Material Handling and Bulk-loading Terminals;
  • Breakwater and Coastal Protection Structures;
  • Marine Outfalls and Cooling Water Systems;
  • Environmental and Socio-Economic Impact Assessment and Environmental Management;
  • Coastal Engineering and Coastal Zone Management;
  • Physical Oceanography, Numerical Modeling, and Met-Ocean Studies;
  • Environmental Protection Planning and Environmental, Health & Safety Management;
  • Institutional Building and Training;
  • Regulatory Requirements, Permitting and Certifications.